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Board of Directors

Rassini’s Board of Directors is composed of 15 Directors and 4 Alternate Directors. There are 10 directors in the Board who qualify as independent, while the remaining 5 are proprietary or related members.

The Board of Directors appointed by resolution at the Annual Shareholders Meeting held on April 19, 2018, is as follows:

Name Position
Antonio Madero Bracho Executive Chairman
Eugenio Madero Pinson Vice Chairman
Herminio Blanco Mendoza Independent Director
Javier Bours Castelo Proprietary Director
Enrique Bours Muñoz Proprietary Director
Everardo Elizondo Almaguer Independent Director
James Robert Jones Independent Director
Antonio Madero Pinson Related Proprietary Director
Shannon K. O’Neil Independent Director
Arturo Pérez Arredondo Independent Director
Javier Pérez Rocha Independent Director
Fernando Ruiz Sahagún Independent Director
Alberto Saavedra Olavarrieta Independent Director
Guillermo Vogel Hinojosa Independent Director
Fernando Del Castillo Elorza Independent Alternate Director
Alfredo Elías Ayub Independent Alternate Director
Vicente Grau Alonso Independent Alternate Director
Juan Pablo Sánchez Kanter Related Alternate Director
Juan Pablo Rosas Pérez Secretary of the Board