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1. Whom is Rassini?

Rassini is a leading Mexican Company in the design and production of components for suspension and braking systems used in the automotive industry for light and commercial vehicles. It is also the largest producer of suspension components for light commercial vehicles and is the largest vertically integrated producer of brake discs in America.

2. Which is the corporate structure of Rassini?

Rassini is divided in three business units:

  • Brake Division: is a technology leader in the design and manufacture of discs and drums for braking systems, and is the largest vertically integrated supplier of brake discs in America.
  • NAFTA Suspension Division: the largest producer of suspension components for light commercial vehicles and a leader in the design and production of springs, having as clients the most renowned car manufacturers in the continent such as General Motors and Fiat-Chrysler.
  • Suspension Division Brazil: replicates the business model of our North American Division. It seeks a strict control of operating costs and expenses, and executes strategic initiatives to improve productivity.

3. Why should I invest in Rassini?

We are the manufacturing company of suspension components and braking systems in Mexico that is best positioned to take advantage of the benefits associated with the automotive boom in NA. We have maintained a strong growth in revenues and EBITDA, driven by our robust focus on innovation. This has been continuously demonstrated by the introduction of new technologies in advanced engineering and quality in our portfolio of high-performance products, which is widely recognized by the world’s largest car manufacturers.

We have the leadership of a first class management team, with extensive experience and distinction in the industry, and whose activities fully adhere to the best corporate practices and duties of due diligence and loyalty. Our management team is committed to carry out functions in the best interest of Rassini and its stakeholders.

Our commitment is to create value for our shareholders and stakeholders, and embracing sustainability into our operations and decision-making processes by recognizing the importance of the potential impact of our activities in the social, environmental and economic aspects.

We have a solid and diversified customer base, with whom we maintain a relationship of loyalty, which is supported by technological tailored solutions to their specific needs. We also offer integrated services that include design, engineering and technical support.

4. Where is our stock traded?

Rassini’s stock trades at Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (Mexican Stock Exchange) since 1987, under the ticker symbol “RASSINI”.

5. Which institutions follow Rassini’s stock?

Currently, the following institutions offer formal coverage of Rassini’s stock:

  • Actinver
  • Banorte-Ixe
  • BBVA
  • BX+
  • Consultor414 (Independent Analyst)
  • GBM
  • Interacciones
  • Punto CB
  • UBS

UBS is currently the Market Maker of Rassini.