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Rassini is the largest fully integrated brake rotor producer in the Americas, including foundry of gray and ductile iron, machining, coating, anticorrosive treatment and assembly.


A cast grey iron brake system component that operates in conjunction with the wheels. When the brake is applied, the caliper is actuated forcing the friction material against the spinning disc imparting a braking force.


Cast iron housing bolted to the wheel that rotates around the brake shoes. When the shoes are expanded, they rub against the machined inner surface of the brake drum and exert a braking effect upon the wheel to slow or stop the vehicle. These are mainly used in the rear wheels of certain vehicles.

Hubs and Assemblies

Hubs are devices that provide the mechanical connection between the wheels, rotors/discs, and drums to the bearings mounted on the axle's axis of rotation. They are made of various materials including steel, aluminum, and cast iron. Hubs transmit vertical, lateral, and fore-aft forces as well as braking torque to the vehicle. They often contain the lubricant and seals for the wheel bearings. For driven axles they transmit the engine torque to the road via the wheels.

Other products

In Rassini’s foundry some other products are manufactured such as motor balancers, clutch plates, spacers and for the tractor industry the wheel hubs and counterweights for tractors are produced.


Rassini is the world’s largest producer of suspension components for light commercial vehicles and the leader in the North and South American regions. Manages the design, engineering and manufacturing of suspension components for the most important global automakers.

Parabolic Leaf Spring

A suspension system component made of steel designed to cushion and absorb shocks and bumps and to keep a vehicle level on turns. They get their name from the mid span change in thickness which is built into each plate. This changing cross section allows the material to maintain constant strength. The result is that a parabolic spring may be lighter than an equivalent flat-plate leaf spring design.

Mulrileaf Spring

A suspension system component made of steel designed to cushion and absorb shocks and bumps and to keep a vehicle level on turns with two or more flat spring steel plates bent in an arch, usually with curled ends to allow mounting to the frame. These springs are normally used in cargo truck suspensions and pickups because they have the unique capability of being designed to change rate as a function of suspension travel.

Coil Spring

A steel rod wound in a spiral pattern or shape. It cushions and absorbs the shocks and bumps and provides easier control as the vehicle is driven.